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Competition Foundation Skills

Top Class K-9 Competition Obedience Foundation Work I

This is a fun class intended to teach foundation work for the dog/handler teams wishing to compete in formal obedience, rally or just to do something fun with the dog.  This class helps develop a deep bond between dog and handler.  Many handlers take this class to develop teamwork and go on into many other disciplines.

Areas of concentration will be:

Tricks and games to incorporate into work.

Teaching work ethic and developing a confident, happy, sound working dog.

Adding handler value to the team.

Front and hind end awareness and balance and lateral exercises.

Obedience position skills.

Heeling games, focused heeling, gait development and headset.

Beginning Retrieve work

Handling skills to develop a cohesive working team.

Prerequisite:  Dog must be 3 months or older.  No other prerequisites.

Top Class K-9 Competition Obedience Foundation Work II

This class is intended to build on skills learned in the Obedience Foundation Work I class.  Focus is developing distance in work, chaining skills and behaviors into complete exercises, developing jumping skills, working on heel free.

Areas of concentration will be:

Developing distance in tricks and skills.

Marking for directed exercises.

Augmenting concentration and focus in work.

Beginning jump conditioning and jumping foundation.

Chaining skills into exercises.

Focused heeling

Complex retrieve work using more materials

Prerequisites:  Successful completion on Competition Obedience Foundation Work I class, a functional retrieve, functional Back, functional lateral work, elementary focused heeling on lead and solid Front.
Any dogs exhibiting any aggressive or reactive behavior MUST undergo an evaluation click here prior to acceptance into any program. 

Any dog deemed aggressive will not be accepted into group classes.