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Board and Train

Dog Boarding in Burleson, TX

Your dog is boarded at Top Class K-9 located on our beautiful rural property where your dog will receive the best in care and instruction.  Your dog will also have the benefit of supervised play time out in our fenced dog play areas.

Boarding amenities includes a roomy crate in our climate controlled training building with soothing music playing at night.  We do not board your dog in a kennel environment.  Your dog will be trained to crate quietly while other dogs are attending classes in the same building.  Your dog will participate in age and level appropriate classes when classes are in session in addition to the hands on daily private training.
Dog Training Burleson, TX

Training will occur, outdoor and indoor on our premises and off-site.  During your dog's stay here, your dog will  also demonstrate learned skills to other class participants in group classes and private lessons.  

The off site training sessions include going on field trips to safe neighborhoods, parks and area businesses so your dog can learn to practice its training in public venues.  Rest assured that your dog will never be exposed to aggressive dogs or be used as a distraction dog for reactive dog rehabilitation cases while training here.


Your dog will be handled and trained by the owner, Sylvie Nuzzolilo as she lives on premise and is the primary caregiver and head trainer here.  You dog will also be handled and trained by Carol Lewis, one of our very capable trainers.
Dog Board and Train Programs

The curriculum includes but is not limited to;

Loose leash walking - no pulling

Beginning heeling instruction

Sit - on one command

Down (lie down) - on  one command

Stay - handler in and out of sight
Move (yield to handler)

Back up

Recall (come to you on command) - with distraction

Go to your Mat
Off (leave it, counter surfing, floor shopping, jumping up on furniture/people)

Appropriate play with people and other dogs

Appropriate greeting manners
Entry/exit manners, doors gates, cars etc..

Crate training, crate on command

Begin Off-Leash work

Dog Boarding and Training in Texas

Once the dog is proficient in foundation skills listed above then we progress to:

Off-Leash work in all previously learned commands 
Precision in the  heeling work.
Sit at a distance Down at a distance.
Drop on recall and outrun.
Increasing reliability in all previously learned commands.

Retrieve work.

We are a private training facility and as such prefer not to encourage walk in traffic.  We find our policy of by appointment only keeps our premises quiet and helps us maintain a healthy routine for your dog. 


You may attend any appropriate group classes in session during your dog's stay at no additional cost.  You will be able to continue attending these classes, even once your dog has completed its Board and Train, until the class session ends.  In the event there are no classes in session during your dog's board and train, then you will be offered a seat in the next session of classes at no charge.  You are offered one hour private lesson for each week the dog is here.  So if your dog stays three weeks, then you get 3 privates.  One of the privates will be done on the day the dog goes home.  The classes and privates are part of the Board and Train package and are considered a "use it or lose it benefit". 

We STRONGLY encourage that the client attend all privates and all offered classes.  Clients that attend their lessons have the highest retention rates.

You will receive daily updates of all training session, with pictures, along with a glossary of commands.  You will also receive upon discharge, a dvd with videos and additional photos of your dog's training sessions.  

Dog must be at least 6 months of age prior to enrolling into the Board and Train program.  We find that this enables the dog to be mentally and emotionally mature enough to learn and retain the training.

Board and train vacancies depend on length of program and number of dogs already in enrolled existing session.


Regretfully, we cannot accept dogs with aggression issues into our Board and Train program.

Dogs and handlers that complete this program successfully may apply to join Top Class K-9 Dog Training Club.

Next vacancy for Board and Train is January, 2018


Please contact us for the Board and Train rates.  A deposit will be required at time of booking.  Full payment is expected at time of intake.  We will conduct a detailed interview and a meet and greet prior to your dog's stay.


New Board and Train dogs (clients who have never trained her before in any capacity) must stay for at least 21 days, initially.


Returning clients and TCK9 club members can schedule Board and Train for any number of days desired, depending on vacancy.  TCK9 club members are eligible for A La Carte Board and Train options as well.

Acceptance into the Board and Train Program is subject to a successful owner/handler interview and short evaluation of the dog.

In cases where the evaluation is not possible due to distance constraints, additional interview data will be required prior to approval.

The program typically books several weeks in advance. 

To enquire about this program, please click here

Any dogs exhibiting any aggressive or reactive behavior MUST undergo an evaluation click here prior to acceptance into any program. 

Any dog deemed aggressive will not be accepted into the Board and Train Program.